Wednesday, January 21, 2009

get money!

yesterday i received a letter in the mail from alexi giannoulias. who is that? he is the illinois state treasurer. the letter stated that the treasurers office was holding cash or other assets of mine. so for those that know me i got right on it. there was a form for me to fill out and send back, but i had to check some things out first. so i called the number and checked the website listed. the employee i spoke with stated that it was true i had money to collect! i went on the website and typed my last name in, and yes i had money waiting on me since november 2008. the program is called cash dash.
so since this is the time when we all can use some extra cash i think anybody reading this should try their luck!
here's the info 2177856998 or click on the cash dash link-what do you have to lose?!

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