Sunday, March 1, 2009

stunnin like>>>>>>>>

my louis vuitton donnas!

on friday my boos and i hit the cold bitter streets in style! i must admit that we stunt regularly from the longest strand of hair on our head to the pinkie toe! he has really blessed us with the gift of stunt! (classes offered monthly@LOW RATES). anyway we started at lj's linen room-which in a mintue will become our very own nipsey's! and since we do keep it hood we tried to hit up visions on ashland but of course antoine was fighting and the party was over before we could grace the place. soooooo instead of going hollywood (downtown chicago) we went back to -where everybody knows your name- lj's linen room!!! we popped bottles and roasted all nite! people are funny creatures! by the end of the nite we were toasted!!

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