Wednesday, April 1, 2009

27piece me!

my hair game is meen!
i have had almost every hairstyle imaginable since i was eight! and fortunately due to him, my bone structure and bloodline i have the ability to rock many different hairstyles. i have been cutting, shaping, dyeing, frying and manipulating my tresses for almost twenty years. i use to hate hate hate hair extensions(except braids), but about three years ago i rocked my first(decent) weave, and became addicted! dont get confused i do rock my own hair routinely (cause i cant stand ones that cant live without weave-more on that later!) anyway, so a couple weeks ago i tried a short weave called a 27 piece! mine is a little different, my stylist cuts my 10inches down-creating a short,chic, anita/halle type cut. ive been here before but im growing my hair-sooo0 fighting the crave to cut my hair i gelled and weaved it!
u like? i love!!

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