Tuesday, September 22, 2009

b's watch

in the year 1998 anton kraft had the idea of creating watches that are different from anything else ever seen: led displays and a new time reading system that will revolutionize the watch market. despite the nonexisting technical resources or opportunities at the time he registered for a legal protection of his ideas.
in 2004 anton kraft teamed up with the owners of a production facility in hong kong, who brought the technical knowledge required for this journey. because of the initial time reading system being based on the IT code for all computers - the binary code - with the numbers 0 and 1, the brand name 01THE ONE was born. in 2005 time technology ltd. hong kong was founded and now operates the brand
these watches are very unique and reveals alot about the wearer! this watch is for a thinker and innovative individual!
check them out at
p.s-women can wear these watches too! and brandon's got style!

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