Saturday, December 12, 2009


the green initiative helps to protect and preserve africa’s most important and precious resource, human life, by supporting education programs and initiatives. the rationale behind the use of the color green and the subsequent naming of the "green” initiative was to emphasize our commitment to supporting the the ultimate beneficiaries of the d.e.f. reside in africa, we selected a color that best represents africa. green is one of the primary colors associated with pan-africanism and is considered a color of empowerment, vitality and prosperity.

through the proceeds generated from the sales of the green bracelet, simmons jewelry co. supports the diamond empowerment fund™ (d.e.f.), an international non-profit organization established to empower the people of african countries through education initiatives.

the bracelet is made of malachite, which gives its rich green color.
it also has a rough diamond in its diamond shaped cage! i wear mine everyday...grab one! support mr simmons and his mission to educate and empower africa!
p.s great gift for a man or woman!


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